Sean is a charismatic force of nature with a permanent cold brew in hand, sourced exclusively from local coffee shops, he’s on a mission to conquer the insurance industry, one caffeinated sip at a time.

When Sean’s not in the office he’s either cheering on FC Dallas with an unmatched fervor, setting goals and pushing himself to his limits in the gym, or brainstorming innovative business ideas.

With his infectious enthusiasm, unwavering dedication, and constant drive to find better, faster business solutions, Sean is ready to handle any of your insurance needs.

 Fun Facts:

  • Sean loves to create mouthwatering four-course meals from scratch, especially for special occasions and family.

  • In his first job after college, Sean mastered the art of captivating crowds with live demonstrations where he specialized in selling knives.

  • Sean’s favorite TV shows are Community, Ted Lasso, and Succession.


I’m always looking for new and exciting opportunities…
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